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Galerie du GERA > Pu Fuzhou (1888-1975).

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Accueil de la Galerie >> FIGURES CHINOISES >> Pu Fuzhou (1888-1975).

Image Précédente - Pu Fuzhou (1888-1975). - Image Suivante

Description : Pu Fuzhou (1888-1975). Native of Zitong, Sichuan Province. Physician of traditional Chinese Medicine. Vice-President of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Medical Society; Member of the Central Committee of the Chinese Democratic Party of Peasants and Workers. He joined the CPC in 1962. He was engaged in traditional Chinese Medicine all his life and excelled at internal medicine, pediatrics and gynaecology. He had a rich and varied experience in the treatment of acute infectious diseases, such as epidemic meningitis B, pneumonia, and acute infectious hepatitis, and made contributions to popularizing traditional Chinese medicine. He wrote Medical Records of Pu Fuzhou, Clinical Experience of Pu Fuzhou, etc. published in 1916 and 1917, were the earliest Chinese works in systematic botany and plant physiology. The article on The Preliminary Observation of the Plants of Huang Mountain in Anhui Province was one of the earliest works in geobotany and fauna. He made a thorough observation and study on the classification of Familia and genus of many Chinese forest plants and the flora and vegetation in certain areas. In his later years, he was co-author of Chinese Flora (in association with Chen Huanyong), Chinese Forest Flora, Draft of the Chinese Vegetational Regionalisation, etc.

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